Linking on a website is also a part of web designing as poor linking might reduce the growth chances of any website.
Below are few points that will explain how to use links on websites:

  1. Links appearance should be different from other words

A link should not blend with other words. It should be given a distinct appearance that will enable people to understand that, this is a link and a click on it will direct one to a different area. Often times, links font are always highlighted in blue or underlined and in some cases carry both, that is, a highlight and an underline. However, if you do not like the font color of the link text and you wish to change it to other colors, or you do not want to underline the link text but only to give it a font color, this can be done at the back end of the website. It is also important that other words should not be underlined if it is not a link in order to avoid customer misguidance. If emphasis needs to be made on a word that is not a link, such word can be made bold or in italics.

  1. A link text should be descriptive in nature

A link text is also known as an anchor text. It is a text that has a link attached to it and serves as a guide to visitors. A link text needs to relate to the landing page. For instance, if you want to link a text to a service provider, the link text must be a service provider or any related text that describes service provider.

  1. Give visitors an idea of what you are linking to

It is advisable to always give visitors an overview of what you are linking to as this will give them an idea of what the link landing page might be. It will also enable visitors to decide whether they want to click the link or not. For instance, if a website is talking about fitness and needs to link a word or a phrase, say, “Fitness instructor” in the topic to another website or web page, it can appear thus: It is important to have a fitness instructor to help you with your fitness routines”. Here, the phase has already given the visitor an idea of who a fitness instructor is, and a click on fitness instructor may likely land them to a site or page that gives a broader description of a fitness instructor.

  1. Avoid opening internal links in a new window

It is important to avoid opening internal links in a new window since the link is still for the same website as this might provoke or irritate some users that do not like to open multiple windows on their device. This can be done in cases where linking is done to external sites.

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