A poor web design will generate a poor result. You know how important web design enhances a website and a good design impels a visitor to eventually become a customer.

Many small scale businesses today are facing tremendous loss and low customer turnout due to poor web design. Rather than giving a highly skilled web designers the contract to design their website, they opt for less skilled designers that end up creating a poor and low-quality web design which eventually pushes customers away and attracts little or no profit margin.

Below are the most frequent web design errors or mistake that small scale business owners commit:

  1. Poor Call To Actions

This is one out of many web design mistakes made by small businesses. A poor call to actions (CTA) can affect a website overall strength. It is important to put a transparent and easy to understand CTA that relates directly to the website as this serves as a proper and effective guide to potential customers.

  1. Unorganized contents

Another web design mistake is when a website has too much or too little content on it. The home page which is the page of a website that customers will see once they enter into the site should have clear and concise words.
Avoid placing too many contents on a site home page as well as other pages as some users get bored when they cannot find the exact purpose of a site due to its large content. Also, heavy contents on a website might slow down the loading process of such website. Likewise, it is also important to key in important information that relates to the site as too little content might not give users what they are really looking which eventually, prompt them to leave the site.

  1. Poor Navigation

It can be very annoying when users have to struggle to find their way around a website. Website navigation should be visible enough for users to see and interact with properly.

  1. Bad Screen Resolution

Many people must have visited some websites where you have to keep scrolling sideways to have access to other contents on the site within the same site page. This can be really frustrating right? When designing a website, it is very important to put into consideration, a screen resolution that will fit different screen sizes on different devices. A responsive web design is very important when designing a site.

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